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Difficult experiences are usually the impetus for change in our lives.

Our history dates back to 2009 when Monika and Henryk Urbański bought a neglected habitat, with the idea of creating a place close to nature, where regaining balance would be possible. This is how Lupine Hill was born.

In 2012, the main building with rooms and a restaurant, a sauna house and a renovated cottage appear, and four years later a stone house, a barn over a ravine.

This is followed by a tree house, orangeries, a winter garden, a swimming biopond, a garden of 5 elements, a power trail and permaculture crops.

But that’s not all beacause Monica’s vision goes much further. After few stays in India, at an Ayurvedic clinic, and after many years of acquiring knowledge, she already knows that she wants to create a holistic place with Ayurveda as its core.

That’s how the Healing Village has been born.

It’s a new path – exciting and coherent at the same time.

The energy that has been created in our bodies, along with the vision of the Healing Village, is wonderful. The feeling that now, finally, everything is as it should be.



As a teenager I wanted to be a lawyer to help people.

I achieved my goal and worked for 8 years in one of the largest law corporations.

After another very intense period in my life, I woke up in the morning with no life energy and clearly felt that I needed to change something.

It understood that as human beings we have only one life and we ourselves are its creators. This is a situation that many people will inevitably find themselves in at one time or another.

I was also in such a situation. I found my way through ayurveda, which my mother Monica convinced me to, and then my experiences in India.

The goal of ayurveda is a happy, healthy and fulfilled life, and that’s what I wanted.

Ayurveda and its holistic approach, lead me more and more to my true self.

I would like as many people as possible to find their center and their strength in the Healing Village, to live to their full potential and feel the joy of each day.


For years, gastronomy has been my passion. The search for taste sensations, the form of presentation of dishes, the discovery of forgotten plants and herbs.

My established and comfortable path was interrupted by gastrointestinal problems that forced a change in diet.

At first I approached it out of obligation, but then I saw and felt the effects of eating in harmony with nature.  Lightness in the body, energy, clarity of mind, joy of life. What I initially ignored turned out to have a beneficial effect on my body and on my mind. It came to me that we live in a hectic world, where food is no longer used to nourish, but to satisfy. It undergoes heavy processing, is stripped of minerals, and is full of anti-blockers and other silent polluters. Our warehouses were getting bigger and bigger, we were buying more and more products and consuming more and more resources.

I thought the current path was worth changing. To choose less, to put a strong emphasis on healthy, freshly cooked food, with unprocessed ingredients. Together with our cooks, I developed two nutrition programs Joy of Life and Ayurvedic Aju detox. I would like our guests at the Healing Village to find the key to good health and well-being by eating our food.

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