Methods and therapies

At the Healing Village, we use a variety of methods and therapies to help you achieve physical, emotional and mental balance


Yoga is a beautiful flow of energy. Through the movement of our bodies, it extends to our minds and how we interact with the world. How we treat others and spread the energy around us – with kindness, patience and respect. All of this comes from focusing on the breath, mindfulness and practicing gratitude.

Yoga has implications for improved well-being, stress management and pain relief.

Meditation techniques

You don’t influence the behavior of your environment, but you do influence your reactions. Practicing meditation helps (in the long run) to lengthen the time between stimulus and reaction. So if your behavior is sometimes unbalanced, or you have weaknesses that you want to balance, meditation will be great help here.

Harmonizing body and spirit, achieving calmness, clarity of vision of reality and the ability, to act appropriately in specific life situations, are the main benefits of meditative practices.

Pranayama | Breath control

Cutting ourselves off from external stimuli affecting the senses allows us to relax and focus on inner peace.

With this technique, you can learn to breathe properly. Benefits include increased lung capacity, improved concentration and improved digestion. Conscious breathing calms anxiety and improves emotional management.

Nature therapy | Forest bathing

The forest is an invaluable source of ionized air, valuable phytoncides, herbs, mushrooms, forest fruits. A place of harmony, inspiration, emotion.

As a human species, we are adapted to live in the midst of nature. We have moved away from our natural environment, to gated spaces, full of electromagnetic smog, noise, excess stimuli, pressure of tasks, catastrophic news, constant light of screens.

We live in a state of constant alertness. Our cerebral cortex is often overactive and causes brain overload.

The quality and quantity of energy flowing in our meridians depends, not only on what we eat, how we think, what exercises we do, but also on the influences of the
closer and further surroundings.

That’s why contact with nature is one of the key elements of health that we emphasis on the most besides food.


To go through life consciously is to be able to perceive with sharpened senses. Getting to know yourself, revealing your patterns. This relaxation technique helps you control your emotions and be fully aware of the here and now. Ideal for dealing with depression or anxiety.

Sound therapy

This method affects the body at the physical level. Sounds are vibrations of a certain frequency, which stimulate the circulation of body fluids, among other things, improve blood circulation in tissues, accelerate their purification.

The sounds emitted by the bowls, also affect the psycho-emotional level.

During the treatment there is a synchronization of the work of our brain hemispheres, in the alpha frequency range, and with prolonged listening – theta. This brings deep relaxation and calmness- that is, the basis for effective rest and neutralization of the effects of accumulated stress.


Activates the senses, influences the work of internal organs, improves mood.

At the Health Village we use essential oils and resins extracted from plants.


At the Healing Village, we use Polish herbs to improve digestion, cleanse the blood, and strengthen.

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