Ayurvedic detox

Healthy nutrition, the best natural spa, relaxation close to nature.

Healthy weight loss, combined with a pleasant diet in everyday life.
You can achieve this goal with holistic Ayurveda.
Ayurvedic detox gives you a kick towards a healthy figure, condition and balance in everyday life.

For whom:
for people who want to lose weight, learn healthy habits, hydrate the body, relax, improve concentration and sleep quality

Price: from PLN 1419

DURATION 5 days 7 days 14 days
PRICE PLN 1,419 PLN 2,128 PLN 3,910
AYURVEDIC AJU DETOX MEALS (breakfast, lunch, dinner, herbal drinks selected by a phytotherapist)
consultation with a physiotherapist 1 1
consultation with a clinical nutritionist 1
herbal bath + aromatherapy 1 2
sauna 1h 1
peeling 1 1
warm oil massage 1 1 2
ayurvedic abyanga massage 1 1 1
ayurvedic udvartana massage 1 1 1
shirodhara 1 1 1
foot massage with elements of reflexology 1
pressotherapy session 1
light therapy 1 2
head massage an oasis of peace 1
conching ears 1 1
meditation in the OM winter garden (6:30 and 16:30)
Jacobson’s relaxation/Schulz’s autogenic training in the relaxation room of the winter garden OM 20:00
yoga 8:00 1 2
salt graduation tower (during relaxation and meditation)
power trail walk recommended every day

The price of the package includes the price of the accommodation in the selected room/house.

If you use the automatic Reserve option, the system will calculate for you the whole package including accommodation.

** optional (extra fee):

  • consultation with a clinical nutritionist (does not apply to 14-day stays, because there the consultation is included in the price)
  • individual yoga sessions
  • individual pranayama
  • individual breathing sessions